Is the Wallup in Puyallup a good deal for consumers?

If you’re thinking about shopping at the Wallup in Puyallup or another offsite sale this weekend, keep reading while keeping in mind that Titus-Will stocks more new and used vehicles than any other dealer in Washington State. See them all at

These “offsite events,” as they are called in the industry, used to be a lot more popular than they are today, before the internet made shopping/researching from home more practical. Does anyone really want to walk on to a car lot blindly anymore? I know I wouldn’t.

These offsite sales are very expensive to put on. In addition to extra advertising dollars spent to promote the event, there is also additional staffing and facility rental fees. Any perception that the consumer is getting a better deal at an offsite event is most likely just that—just a well-marketed perception.

Events like the Wallup in Puyallup don’t have the luster they used to have. They are less and less successful with each passing year. The Wallup In Puyallup and other offsite sales cannot be researched online and thus there is no way of knowing ahead of time if you are getting a good deal. We always encourage consumers to do their research before buying.

Titus-Will prices its inventory based on what our competitors charge. We use special software to monitor our competition on a daily basis and make sure our prices are super competitive. Titus-Will is a volume dealer, so the more they sell the more you save. Titus-Will doesn’t participate in the expensive offsite sales so they can pass those savings on to its customers.

Titus-Will Chevrolet in Parkland is located at 11011 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma WA 98444–just off the Pacific Avenue exit on Highway 512, only minutes from the Wallup in Puyallup.

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